Kick off the school year in a motivational way.Follow hero veterans and inspire your students!

We don’t choose many of the events that shape our lives, but we do get to choose how we respond to the challenges that life hurtles at us.

Welcome! We are thrilled that you and your students have chosen to follow No Barriers Youth | Warriors to Summits—a free program that recognizes those who have served our country and spotlights their ongoing courage and inspiration. Over the next two weeks, you and your students will have the opportunity to follow 11 military veterans who overcame their disabilities as they embark on an extraordinary journey: an ascent to the 13,804-foot summit of Gannett Peak in Wyoming.

During the course of the next 14 days, you can track the climbers through daily blogs, photos, videos, lessons and short activities — all designed to help students engage in Warriors to Summits in a meaningful way, and to explore what it means to contribute your absolute best to the world and respond to life’s challenges with dignity, integrity, respect and courage.

Classroom materials

  • Warrior Profiles. 11 profiles (one for each climber) that include fun facts and questions designed for both experienced and developing readers.
  • Questions to Explore 25 questions to prompt classroom discussion or journaling assignments.
  • Short Activities 4 hands-on activities to engage students in fun ways. Each activity has been designed to take approximately one class period.
  • Big Ideas 5 longer assignments designed to encourage students to reflect deeply on the challenges in their lives, and explore ways to successfully manage those challenges.
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